UPDATED November 19, 2020 to reflect new regulations set forth by Governor Wolf.

Important Memo on Covid Mitigation – Locker Room Update by AAHA

  • The Pro Shop will be open offering Skate Sharpening, tape, wax, and apparel.
  • Cafe is not open at this time.
  • Sanitizing stations will be available throughout the facility.
  • Locker Rooms are closed.
  • Staff will be continually sanitizing the facility throughout the day.

For Players, Coaches, and Team Managers

  • All teams are responsible for taking and logging their players temperatures before each practice/game per Atlantic Distric Rules.
  • All players, coaches and team managers entering the facility are required to have masks on at all times which now includes all on-ice activities.
  • All players are to dress as much as possible at home or outside needing to only put their skates, helmet and gloves on while inside the facility
  • Players, Coaches, and Team Managers will only be permitted to enter the facility 15 minutes prior to their scheduled ice slot and go directly to assigned area within rink to tie skates. We ask that everyone remain in vehicles until time to enter rink.
  • Only Goalies will be allowed in rink 30 minutes prior to give them enough time to get dressed.
  • Players 12U and younger that require assistance to tie skates may be accompanied by one parent or guardian to assist, once finished parent/guardian must immediately exit the facility until 5 minutes before start of game/practice
  • Team coaches/manager are required to check-in with rink staff on a location where team warm-ups can be done. This is very important.
  • Skaters/Coaches will have 10 minutes to exit facility after their session has completed. It is the responsibility of the coach for each team to stay with his/her team to facilitate players getting undressed within the 10 minute time frame. Please do not leave the rink until all your players have departed.
  • No Locker Room keys will be given out, teams and players will be responsible for all their personal belongings.

For Spectators

  • 1 spectator per player is permitted to enter the rink to watch games and practices
  • All spectators must wear masks the entire time they are in rink as well as keep a safe distance of 6ft between each other.
  • Spectators are permitted to enter rink 5 minutes before game/practice time and must immediately depart once game/practice has concluded.
  • All spectators will use front main entrance to enter facility and side entrance to exit. Signs will be posted.
  • Please be responsible while outside. Maintain social distancing and wear masks. No tailgating, loitering, playing music, or congregating in the parking lot.

If we all do our part we can keep this season going so our kids can keep playing the game they love!